I write CMOON for people who want to find a fighting spirit and the ability to stay calm amidst chaos.

My name is Cristina Moon and I’m a Zen priest living at Daihonzan Chozen-ji in Hawaiʻi.

Before I became a monk, I used to run national and global campaigns for social change and became an expert on meditation technology while studying business at Stanford University. These days, I’m mostly teaching, writing, and training—in meditation, Chado (The Way of Tea), Kendo (The Way of the Sword), and ceramics.

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Finding spiritual strength and the ability to stay calm amid chaos. Dispatches from Cristina Moon, a social change strategist and Zen priest in Hawaiʻi.


Author of Three Years on the Great Mountain: A Memoir of Zen and Fearlessness. I'm a Zen priest living and training at Daihonzan Chozen-ji, a Zen temple and martial arts dojo in Honolulu, Hawaii. Alum Change.org, Stanford GSB, UChicago.